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I am very pleased
Hello Karl,

Just a note to let you know I did, indeed, receive the cornet in undamaged condition. Thank You! [...]

I am getting used to this fine horn all over again. It has a wonderful tone and I am using my 7 1/2 C while leaving the horn in C, which is interesting both the lip and the ear. There is really no reason for me to make random adjustments until I get my chops up and get used to the new instrument. I will keep in mind your suggestion of a shallower mouthpiece.

The valves are not noisy now. The "body work" you did appears to be impeccable. [...] Overall and at first blush, I am very pleased, especially with your personal work and care. My intention is to play this horn a lot, not use it as a fine display piece, even though it would certainly qualify as one. It is absolutely amazing the quality of manufacturing craftsmanship this country was capable of demonstrating a hundred years ago. Such a contrast to the impostor imported junk that is so prevalent now. Much as the woodworking skills demonstrated in the great ship USS Constitution must surely reflect the pinnacle of achievement of form and function in woodworking, these instruments are an acme of form and function in metal.

I [would] particularly like to comment on your skills and dedication to excellence. It is rare and refreshing to find such a combination in these times and I am fortunate to have been favored by your sterling services. I sincerely hope you have an apprentice so there is at least the possibility of passing on these skills and attitude to another generation.

I have been teaching in a charter school for a couple of years now, both music and other academic subjects. I am struck as to how important is and how great the hunger is for real education; It is the conduit by which we transmit our life long learning to the next generation and it is the only way a society or civilization can advance. It only takes one generation that does not learn to start a downward spiral, and the state of real education in this country is really quite dismal.

So, Karl, as we start the new year and I have my restored cornet restored to me, I applaud you and your pursuit of excellence. It has been as a breath of fresh air and a refreshing glimpse into what dedication and craftsmanship really means.

Thank you,

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