Blue Ridge Music offers every woodwind and brasswind repair in Springfield, Oregon. Below, you will find a listing of the services Blue Ridge Music offers. Below, you will find a pricing menu.

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If you need woodwind repair around Springfield, Oregon, turn to Blue Ridge Music. We can help keep your instruments sounding new with service done out of our shop in Oregon, including oboe repair.

Brass Repair Price List

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[We do repair all woodwind instruments too].

Ultrasonic Cleaning:    

Overhaul:       Silver Plate        or    Lacquer   

Valve Rebuild:  

Note: Prices subject to change. Email or call us before shipping. Credit card payment, over the phone is the only option of payment,[ no pay pal]. 


Ultrasonic Cleaning:    

Overhaul:       Silver Plate        or    Lacquer   

Valve Rebuild:  

Note: Prices subject to change. Email or call us before shipping. Credit card over the phone is the only form of payment.

If you need a musical instrument store around Springfield, Oregon that can service your instruments, check out the affordable prices at Blue Ridge Music. From ultrasonic cleaning to full overhauls, we are your full service music store in Oregon.


Karl's View on Overhauling Instruments:

Overhauling an instrument gets a bad reputation from repair technicians who remove too much metal when buffing. In order to remove pits, scratches and stretch marks, some buffing is in order. A horn that has been buffed too much generally will have a weak and thin sound since the thickness of the metal has been reduced. This causes the instrument to be physically weaker and much more susceptible to damage. The signs of too much buffing on a horn is evident in a loss of detail in engraving or on a brand stamp. This loss of detail is not due to the lacquer or plating filling in the engraving, but simply due to excessive buffing.

Another important consideration when overhauling an instrument is what type of finish to put on it. The least acoustically desirable finish for an instrument is lacquer. Think of it as a hard clear plastic coating that has a muffling effect on the horn's sound. Yes, there are different types of lacquer and hardness. Baked epoxy is the hardest and air-dry nitrocellulose is the softest. If you do not want to cover up contrasting metals, lacquering is the only option. Silver or gold plating are the most acoustically desirable and durable finishes. Raw brass is also a viable option for most instruments and will be closer, acoustically, to a plated horn than a lacquered one.

We offer a number of instrument overhaul services at Blue Ridge Music to bring your instruments back to life, including sax repair for Eugene, Oregon customers. If you need clarinet repair in Oregon or anywhere in the U.S., call us for help.

The Soniscrub Ultrasonic Cleaning Process

Treat your instrument to Soniscrub, the safest and most effective deep cleaning system for your brass or woodwind instrument.

Here's how it works

The magic and power behind the Soniscrub process is ultrasonic, or high frequency, energy. When waves of ultrasonic energy are introduced into a liquid, a negative pressure is set up, causing what is known as cavitation. Cavitation creates micro-bubbles that move around in the waves, and as these waves continue to be generated the bubbles get larger and more unstable. Ultimately, these bubbles collapse and implode, releasing high-powered shock waves at the rate of about 40,000 times per second at about 10,000 degrees F, breaking away unwanted contaminants and debris from the surface of your instrument. It is the cavitation implosion that is the secret behind this highly effective and safe deep-cleaning process.

Is it really safe?

Absolutely! Remember, while this process may sound a bit violent, it is occurring at the microscopic level and for a relatively short period of time. It is a gentle process and each instrument is handled individually. If there is any potential risk to your instrument, you will be informed before any work is done.

The machine is specifically calibrated to provide only enough energy to remove buildup and debris. The solution used is primarily water with a small amount of a specially engineered environmentally friendly additive. We use 80 gallons of water to one gallon of the low concentration additive designed to remove scale. We have complete control over the process and go to great lengths to ensure that your instrument is kept safe.

What does this mean for my instrument?

Here's one way to think about it. The difference between a medium and large bore diameter in a trumpet, for example, is only about 0.003" Unwanted buildup in the instrument can typically range from 0.002" up to about 0.006" and beyond! This debris and residue can, in fact, effect the timbre, intonation, and response of your instrument. Our ultrasonic cleaner has the remarkable ability to deep clean even the hard-to-reach places that conventional cleaning process' and brushes can miss entirely.

If you own a used instrument in Eugene, Oregon or anywhere in the U.S., let Blue Ridge Music make it sound new again with the Soniscrub cleaning system. Our expert staff can clean and maintain your music equipment at our Oregon store.
Sonic Cleaning

Karl gave this Mirafone compensating rotary-valve Alto Horn an ultrasonic cleaning. He then stripped the existing lacquer and removed the dents from the instrument for local musician Paul Leightion.

Horn in Soniscrubber

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